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BLOOMING our youth into confident, self-loving artists of tomorrow! 


BLOOM Dance, LLC is an organization that focuses on bridging the gap between dance and mental health training for young people throughout the community. BLOOM (Beautiful Littles Overcoming Obstacles of the Mind) Dance strives to encourage youth and send them off with a newfound sense of confidence that will carry them through many life endeavors. Each BLOOM Dance Experience is a safe zone for young artists to fortify and grow the confidence that will propel them to success in any walk of life. BLOOM Dance, LLC offers master classes, yoga, discussions and crafts focuses on empowerments and mental wellness, as well as some performance opportunities, which all work to give young participants stronger self-esteem and deeper self-love. 




Over the course of the course of any experience, BLOOM Dance will present students with tools to strengthen their mental stamina and self-confidence. BLOOM Dance offers:

  • World-Class Dance training
  • (Em)power Hours: (arts & crafts, discussions, various activities focused on self-talk, confidence building, etc.)
  • Yoga
  • Performance Opportunities

The many benefits of a BLOOM Dance Experience include:

  • Heightened sense of creativity
  • Improved body awareness
  • Knowledge of Meditation/Mindful skills
  • Higher Self Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Developed coping strategies
  • Improved stress and/or anxiety management


Continue to support our budding artists! 

BLOOM Dance is a donation based association. Although we are beginning to flourish, we still need your support to make every BLOOM experience an EMPOWERING one! Donate today to continue to uplift our youth!

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